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Time is a concept. And like the individual, it is unique to everyone. So, why have a calendar  dictate your new habits and resolutions, when you can start at your own pace. It's the idea for the  CALENDARᵀᵂ. A calendar that doesn't start from the 1st of January, a calendar that doesn't bring an added pressure of "New Year, New You". But, one that starts at your own time.

It's a calendar that talks to you. It's your inner voice. It's that someone you have when you don't  have anyone around. It might talk to you when you least expect it. It'll be that moment of  awakening, that moment where an idea is born, or simply a shoulder to rest on. But, it'll talk to  you. And when it does, you can start a conversation.

The CALENDARᵀᵂ  has been inspired and adapted from the Stendig Calendar, designed by Massimo Vignelli, a true modernist, in 1966. This is our adaptation of it with the new "Helvetica Now" typeface, clear spacing and an element of humanisation.


This is our first step into an expression of the thought-process and design at THE WORKSᵀᵂ.


We hope the intention of the CALENDARᵀᵂ serves its purpose through the days.

Request a copy of THE CALENDARᵀᵂ



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